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Foster and Adoptive Support

Every year families open their homes and their hearts to children through adoption. Even more foster children, offering them a home when it isn’t safe to stay with their families. The safety of a child must always be the top priority. When it is not safe for a child to remain with his or her biological family, Governor DeWine has worked to ensure every foster youth has a safe, loving, skilled family to care for them.  

  • In 2019, Governor DeWine launched the Children Services Transformation Advisory Council to conduct a top-down review of Ohio’s child welfare system. The Council developed 37 recommendations, of which 36 are underway or completed.  

  • In partnership with the General Assembly, Governor DeWine has worked to modernize training for foster families to better align with technology and their experiences. The Governor also signed legislation to ensure youth do not languish in foster care by placing loving foster families who wish to adopt their foster child on a level playing field with kin. 

  • Governor DeWine is also creating Youth and Family Ombudsmen to accept and investigate complaints from foster youth and families.   

  • To ensure all foster youth who are eligible for adoption find a loving home, Governor DeWine has expanded the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK) program statewide. WWK is a child-centered recruitment program that finds the right family for children in care, promoting long-term family success.  

  • For youth placed with kin, the new Kinship and Adoption Navigator (OhioKAN) will help connect kinship caregivers to resources they need to thrive.