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Plans of Safe Care

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The following resources are designed to assist all community partners understand and implement the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), specifically Plans of Safe Care (PoSCs).

Background of CARA

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016, known as “CARA,” is the first major federal addiction legislation in 40 years. The intent of CARA is for states to establish innovative strategies for individuals challenged by substance misuse disorders and their families. As a result, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) requires a Plan of Safe Care to be in place at the time of discharge from the hospital for infants impacted by parental and/or family substance misuse.

A Plan of Safe Care is an arrangement developed with the family and service providers which addresses the following:

  • The infant’s immediate safety
  • The infant’s safety and treatment needs
  • The affected parent’s health and substance misuse treatment needs
  • The treatment needs of all household members with routine caregiving responsibilities for the infant (for example, the father, grandparent, roommate, etc.)

You can find out about other work the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare is doing.

County Resources and Tools

The implementation of Plans of Safe Care has been piloted between various counties that have been awarded a Community of Support grant. Your county may find the following examples from the counties below helpful as you choose to implement Plans of Safe Care in your communities.

Coshocton County

Fairfield County

Lucas County (Forthcoming)

Mahoning County (Forthcoming)

Seneca County (Forthcoming)

Trumbull County

Get Started with Plans of Safe Care

Provider Examples of Plans of Safe Care

Brigid's Path PoSC Document (Fillable)

Resources for Plans of Safe Care

Technical Assistance Call Agendas and Notes

January 2023

Agenda - Quarterly Check-in


Contact Us

If your agency and community partners are interested in scheduling a training on the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act/Plan of Safe Care, please contact the ODJFS Child Protective Services Unit at:  Deanna.Herold@jfs.ohio.gov or Erin.Robey@jfs.ohio.gov (ODJFS offers this training both virtually or in person).